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danny g – earl grey كلمات اغاني


(ooh sh_t, thats a danny g beat)
(f_ck with em bill)

(fwem bill)
got my f_ckin baked beans early n the morning yeah
alr yea yea right

irene and illene there the bust down sisters
stuffed em with pink pills i might as well fist em
i walk through sacs fifth im a well known sh_tter
gotta serve my fien the glitter to knock off his jitters
im in the field like a scarecrow
if it was midevil times i would shot the opps with an arrow
streets too narrow had to double park the alfa romero
unc stumbling out the pub like jack sparrow

(danny g)
i just made a cup of tеa, and put some wok in it
tattlin on your mates its a bit wonky innit
uncky keep a shiv in the pub hеs a problem with it
this little birdie just flashed me her m_ff so i dived in it
im serving blokes speed paste at the local petrol station
load up the coin on my site to scam another w_nker
tip toeing in my big bs im off big beaver
id never cuff that wench just catch and release her
i reckon you dont want the smoke mate
please do f_ck on my blokes mate
i walked in designer clothes mate
this ganja too strong make you choke mate
i just got mugged off by the baddest bird
heard he was talking rubbish id like to have a word
i reckon these baked beans have given me gurd
two cups of wok in my tea i might need a 3rd
i got bl__dy w_nkers thats all in my business
so many cups of tea that i took me a big p_ss
i just met dua lipa now im off on my wish list

(fwem bill)
yea yea yea alr alr lets go

good night irene had to get the narcan
saw me out put his shiv up hes a smart man
took your mum out shopping at art van
blood dog sh_t on me need some charmin
im in your b_tches rear until rooster comes out
saw me bag draggin at sacs as the pocket watchers count
i got like 10k in quid on me its a big amount
euros stuffed in these amiris its not even the whole lot
(r.i.p to the queen)

(96 lines of wocky in this earl grey tea)

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