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d.graves – 5-27-15 كلمات اغاني


i used to walk close to 2 miles
back & forth to school
if i ain’t have my tunes i woulda lost my f-ckin’ cool
i’d round em up & rock my favorites on my mp3
i ain’t even have a ipod then but nbd
i was bumping nasty nas, getto boys & jay-z
pac & of course frank whizza baby baby
hip hop played doc man it saved me
i was going crazy
never had straight a’s no sir, i was lazy
either that or i was just waiting on them to pay me
pimp hand been strong like don juan
brain still ain’t right from the first time i saw sp-wn
pop ya cherry b-tch you hang where the fairies at
my name graves baby, but you can call me jerry mac
just show me the money
somebody got yall tank on full you all g-ssed up
thinking you can matchup
shining on us man i wouldn’t bet ya last buck
you might end up struck like chuck
i’m the nicest with the rhymes this side of the mississippi
rhymes h-lla cold, ten below
yo flow ain’t even nippy
black hippy
but never was a schoolboy
got soul man, just let me rock
d.graves please b-tch dont forget the dot
you on my d-ck, hop off
been the top dawg
just now coming to ya stereos & blogs
quite soon i’ll be in ontario & prague
blowing mary til i’m in hysteria & awe
then im eating mushrooms like super mario i’m gone
they be like what the f-ck i’m on?
a whole nother’ level
evil is what you make it
what if i said there ain’t a devil?
you’d probably beat my head in with a shovel
not cause you ain’t think i was right
but cause yo -ss know you ain’t going to h-ll tonight!
think about it…
they be like “oh my gosh, was he high when he said that!?”
i’m always high b-tch, the sky where my head at
super fly like a n-gga got a jetpack
you ever seen a n-gga on a jetpack??
superfly like ron oneal
independent but never say i won’t sign no deal
i’ll make the call cause after all
each of my n-ggas need a mill
so f-ck going back broke
i’ll go insane first
so i’m coming up with sh-t to make your f-cking brain burst
ya mind bend a little
getting to ya hearts man just let the plan sizzle
this sh-t ain’t rocket science at all its mad simple
make em wiggle then hit em below the left nipple