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charizma – move كلمات اغاني


[verse 1]
hi, i’m a sucker mc
well then move
’cause charizma comes off slammin’
this ain’t a game like backgammon
there is no echoes in my flow, you know, bro, i come swift
shootin’ the gift, funky like a p-rno flick
my own brothers: to your own seat this world is born
because lyrics go smooth just like a jazz
when i get ill with the quickness
some said, “what is this?”
my skinny brother shootin’ the gift like christmas
while i flow slow, but disco mcs got hurt
tryin’ to swing, but how to help is like a mini-skirt
in a brain of a madman with a mic full of ammo
lightin’ black like a piano
so i raise my hand for power, though i’m still half of uncle sam
but my dominant half is african
so pop-it-to-the-pop-it-to-the-fist-fist
oh, what a belief it is!
you caught the vapors, so play biz
word [?] is that i’m in the rap game, headed for fame
’cause lyrics [?] than a great dane
call me the m-ssacre, that attacks the whole wack-raps
that got us lost like blackjack
from 1-10, yo g, i don’t rate myself
but give a 10 and snap an mc like a belt
see, chris cut will put you down with the chain gang
[?] like yo, “put the cocaine”
1-2-3, i’ll get swift with this track
bringin’ mcs bad luck just like a black cat
but i ain’t superst-tious, maybe delicious
shootin’ the gift with the riz, so what is this?
i ain’t the one to be put down on the ground with a frown
spittin’ rhymes like a merry-go-round