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czking – roast season كلمات اغاني


mr. roaster
rhymes with toaster
mcchicken sandwich

she thinks she’s the sh_t until i wipe my ass with her
she say i’m a weirdo, but gotta draw eyebrows on her
i don’t give a f_ck, b_tch roast me, show me you have power
and that tinder ho think imma call her after i plow her
and that gangsta guy got nails like a girl
i don’t think he’ll shank man, man i think he’ll just twirl
you think you have fans cause you have an onlyfans
next year goal is getting more by doing some new tiktok dance
i don’t know what to do with my life, each option seems bad
at least i’m glad i haven’t been brought up by an ipad
i try to find love, but most these hoes are straight 3d printed
they still think they’ll get to me like i haven’t f_cking hinted
please give me a reason to give a f_ck
cause most of my life, people ain’t been with my luck
rejected by dubai diggers, when they play music, you think that it’s a youtube ad
looks like they got 5 sentences in ‘em, when you pass ‘em you can’t help but feel bad
splash ‘em with urine when nature callin’
you splash people for 100 quid, then 5 years you’re in
you do it to pay for a ho that’s maxed out on looks
she never read books, the b_tch never cooks
your ass so dumb that you probably listen to me
this sh_t wasn’t meant to go this way, now it’s a sad me
i know there’s a nerd boy, i’m still better than you
you fantasize on drills, but your guns go pew pew pew