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current joys – fuck it (another song about you) كلمات اغاني


f_ck it, i’ll take my song and write another one about you
it’s not as long but i’ve got less to say about you
’cause i’ve moved on, but i am still thinking about you
godd_mn, i’m lost like more than i can probably handle
i pray to god to make me a better example
to kids who hear my songs and want something to dance to
so take this song you know i didn’t write about you
and let my 1nonly do something i can’t do

yeah, yeah, yeah
can’t do most things, but the money ain’t a problem
yeah, smoke dope till i’m falling
calling, liquor, bad decisions keep popping
pain in my chest, 45 on the lawn, i know
that the pills don’t help
and the drank all gone, tryna fix myself
put your pride on the shelf, b_tch
don’t try, you ain’t felt this selfless, gone

you really want me to write another song, you’re crazy
so take my heart and never let me call you baby
’cause i’ll get high and do so many things that ain’t me
’cause i got rich and got so motherf_cking lazy
i know it’s me and all the reasons that you hate me
i did you wrong enough to hold a grudge, but maybe
i’ll write a song that’s good enough for kids to dance to
and you’ll forgive all the songs i wrote about you

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