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crxxxist – cenobite كلمات اغاني


creepy the night
i look for answers inside my mind
i can’t stand you
get away from me
i’m not fine, b_tch
leave me alone, you’ll never understand
what’s happened to me or who i am

b_tch, i don’t care about you think, huh
you’re in a trap, with no chance huh

these attitudes make you’ll know the face of evil
burn away from me looking to the barrel my eagle

i can create your murder b_tch
i’ll create your murder b_tch

in middle of night the beast came meet you
will be my plеasure, introducing you, b_tch
help yourself
thеre’s nowhere to go
only blood and hate prevail inside of her

the lost cen0bite, you met

the pain and pleasure, the lost cen0bite is here
make a wish
i’ll take your body in pieces

the stain on my soul keeps growing
motherf_cker i don’t need your help
if necessary i’ll k!ll myself
later later
i’ll k!ll myself

sh_t, i cannot die
i’ma immortal
condemned to pay the sins of the flesh for eternity

اهم الاغاني لهذا الاسبوع


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