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crave moore – buu كلمات اغاني


pink and soft she majin buu
nut  right where she ask me 2
tongue  karate drunk and nasty
bendy back she park it cute

fenty cop i buy that spend a 10
on  sh-t she like to do
ends  i quickly fly her here or f-ck it should i fly to you

my temper such a talking point
but  when she enter sh-t bro i stay venting in my morning voice

sense my stress the edge i’m always on it
press my pen i’m tense
defend my ego with some faulty logic faucet leak she patch me up my back she always got me splash her softly with affection g it’s never sloppy told her lets do this properly

she  always start shy
don’t wanna hold out
not trynna rush this
why don’t we slow down
you make me better swear you make me think wanna be suttin that i never been

phone face up unlocked
tone i take so calm
dont wanna make this hard
fade pain tame my scars
play games nah not moi
straight face hooks
en gaurd touché
don’t wanna beef
told her come over and speak when she got a problem with me
sorry to me is crazy still i say it sh-t
i’m on the strip i’m with my n-gg-s
they calling me whipped maybe abit
f-ck it nah really it is what is it

feds they always on me
it’s intense i know she stash it if the pattern end up falling through
gladly give it all to you, and if man wanna try a ting all catty b just call me have man wrapped up down an alley toxic habits but you know it’s true

you know it’s true

baby belly overdue

waiting till i blow so i can
can plug you love you listen stuck my mission make you happy touch your phatty on reggy debt
swear you couldn’t owe me show me love i’m trynna take you there