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cpr - little blind fish lyrics


little blind fish (3: 37)
words: david crosby

little blind fish in a wide river
who is the gift and who is the giver
is it a matter of choice where you go
does it give you a voice just to know
you’re here…

little blind fish
staring at a mirror
how far can you see
are you getting any nearer

little blind bird
sitting in a tree
saying this is the end now
can’t you see
it’s all gone… solid gone

little blind fox
sitting in a box
saying this is an open sp-ce
and it has no locks

tattered old lion
living in a cage
bit off his own leg in a rage
in a rage… (repeat 1st verse)

david crosby, lead vocal
jeff pevar: vocals, acoustic guitar
james raymond: vocals, organ
james hutchinson: fretless b-ss
debra dobkin: percussion

© 1998 stay straight music (bmi), peeved music (bmi)

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