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cozy caleb – kevin كلمات اغاني


getting dough, blow a bag, pull up to the spot
riding in a blacked_out spider, yeah, i park the drop
getting lit every other night, i can’t stop
born to be a star, man, i’m shining like my watch
johnny dang or dr. strange, man, he froze the clock
i can tell your vibe, baby, we don’t gotta talk
spending time with you, it doesn’t matter, we could walk
we could hop in the spider, and i’ll drop the top
we could hop up in a plane, we could take a trip
maybe we could take a tab, maybe take a trip
and she said she likes my style, i told her don’t slip
baby, i’m dripping like a faucet, you know i got that drip
two_tone audemar, like a pair of lips
we’re some fashion k!llers, i put her in some ricks
when they bring the cameras out, pose up for the fl!cks
and i got my own flash, it’s sitting on my wrist
i was born a star; yeah, i’m shining through the night
and i’m chilling with the stars, took a kush flight
i’m keeping all this green like i grew up campside
always got my back; yeah, she’s a die_hard ride

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