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corduroy mclellan – all drains lead to the ocean كلمات اغاني


lately i’ve been bench pressing without leaving my bed
the weight of all these thoughts that come rushing in my head
stacking up the pressure’s heavier than lead
trapped inside my mind with all the things i’ve never said
bottled up all my emotions like some water aquafina
‘til it overflows and spills i could fill up a marina
once it’s all said and done i won’t exit the arena
waist deep in my troubles back to hurricane katrina
i’m sorry i was never who you thought i could be
failed evеryone around the only problem was mе
now i’m stuck in the mirror but i am not who i see
locked away all of my dreams must’ve misplaced the key
i’m ready for heaven or a trip out to sp_ce
elevated myself until they couldn’t find a trace
gone and never coming back a daring escape
if anyone knew me they would find me in my place
[verse 2]
i’ll be honest when i wrote this i was chillin’ in a bad mood
felt like it was raining but only on my avenue
tried to take it back like returning some new shoes
to a time when i was carrying a positive attitude
this music calms me and the beat is sounding chill
been so down and out lately now i swear i never will
take my life for granted acting like the answer is to k!ll
keep me grounded like gravity ‘stead of staying in my feels
23 years young but yet i’m already upset
feels like i’ve lived forever and i’m tired of paying rent
when you look me in the eyes have you said what you truly meant?
did i waste away my life with time i never should’ve spent?
let me refocus: outlook’s what you get to choose
i’ve been stuck on negative so let me turn off the news
i just missed my exit so i could listen and cruise
find your happiness inside and then you’ll realize the truth, cord