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coolguy_diet – yonko! كلمات اغاني


pandumxnium, sell your blood!
yeah! baby, that’s what i’m talkin’ about!

[verse 1: coolguy_diet]
b_tch, i’m kaido, don’t need shotty
pop out back with the conquerors, haki
b_tch, i’m raizo, flamin’ his body
gear shift up, fifth gear, i’m godly
i need a daimyo, bad b_tch, hottie
step in my room and run that sh_t naughty
b_tch, i’m p_ssed and i’m rowdy
every one of you, i’m gon’ body
yo’ b_tch on her back, i’m ’bouta f_ck her ’til she blind
ain’t n0body ready when i come in from behind
everybody run it, but you only makin’ dimes
money that i’m making, man, this sh_t should be a crime

[bridge: coolguy_diet]
you a jit, you a b_tch
and you is mid, huh?
ain’t n0body want it
with a kid who got no rizz, huh?
jist of the list
is you only shoot and miss, huh?
ain’t n0body run it
’cause your music sound like sh_t, huh?
[verse 2: coolguy_diet]
dripped out fit, maxed stats, i got it
run that sh_t, bro, yes i brought it
run that sh_t with a bite_sized b_tch
on my d_ck right now, oh sh_t, she modded
cyber b_tch up on my d_ck
yami, gura, on my wrist
i got observation, b_tch
’round the town, they know my rizz

[verse 3: walnutgod]
around the time, p_ssy know my clique
how the f_ck i’m finna talk my sh_t?
bodies, on bodiеs, on bodies
on bodies, on bodies
tеll bro, “get off my d_ck!”
middle_aged shooters, they pushin’ forties
don’t act like my friend, p_ssy, you don’t know me
straight dirt_rocked, how we do ya, brodie
we gon’ get to his head like the tsukuyomi
f_ck, we gon’ put him in a cast, bro
stick gon’ hit his body, whip around him like a lasso
bricked up with yo’ shawty, she a mommy_milking bad hoe
diamonds on my body, hittin’ limits you can’t pass, though
ay, now, we drainin’ the whole clip
“f_ck, i ain’t mean to shoot ’em”, boy, it is what it is
b_tch, all i’m seein’, red, when i pull up to your crib
pow, pow, now they dead
n_gga thought he was the sh_t
[verse 4: deadboii kez]
one in a million, hit the deck when i walk in
i been k!llin’ b_tches all day, i’m exhausted
he was talkin’ hot sh_t, his life is what it cost him
all my shooters finna clap him up, don’t applaud him
ac_130, i’ma summon it
my k!ll feed go bananas, b_tch
’cause i just k!lled a bunch of them
downhill, sliding with my gang, who be runnin’ sh_t
hundred round drum on that b_tch, he can’t stomach it
walk in, pop sh_t, lookin’ for a target
he walk in with both legs, he leaving in a harness
f_ck what they saying, all these b_tches aren’t the hardest
i walk in with nothin’ on me, k!ll ’em all, regardless

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