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conway the machine & jae skeese – immaculate reception كلمات اغاني


[intro: jae skeese]
we back with this rappin’ sh_t (right back with it)
right back to it, i’m fresh off the road, though, a lil’ bit, y’know i mean? ha
this my type of sh_t (eastside sh_t, you know that)
yo, yo (yo, yo), check

[verse 1: jae skeese]
i’m in the game now, they watch my position like draft _n_lysts
my stock’s risin’, my advantage is lopsided
i listen to rappers verses like, “bro, they gotta be gassin’ ’em” (gotta be gassin’)
i gave a f_ck at one point, but now i’m honestly abstinent
’cause if you break it down in totality with _n_lysis (uh_huh)
n0body snappin’ harder since lil jon with this rapper sh_t, look (n0body)
them rappers mid_level just like assistant management
my flame got ignited and i keep fannin’ it and fannin’ it and fannin’ it
my reach is worldwide now, that’s how i’m spannin’ it (true)
writin’ my story, i’ll be the protagonist (uh_huh)
it only gets better as pages in the pamphlet flip
they thought i never had a chance at this
but i put in the work and studied like an undergraduate
most valuable, they voted me in and this sh_t’s unanimous
my impact’ll snap a brick in half as quick as seconds on the chronograph get ticked
brick by brick, i built myself here a motherf_ckin’ establishment, look
this here is high_grade, all gas, no flatulence (none)
purposely done, but the reception is immaculate (haha)
married to this sh_t and i done flooded out the annulet (what?)
it’s drumwork on my amulet, i’m humbly extravagant, you know that (know that, n_gga)
[interlude: jae skeese]
hahaha, told you n_ggas, man, y’all n_ggas can’t f_ck with me, man

[verse 2: jae skeese]
yo, yo, to hate you, they gon’ find a reason
if i told you how bad it gets, bet you would not believe it (uh_huh)
this that dope sh_t, i can plug ’em like i’m stoppin’ leakings (know that)
that dw on the flag, my n_ggas got allegiance (you know that)
makin’ my mark up in the pros, this sh_t was not collegiate (uh_huh)
yeah, i understood the assignment, so it got completed (facts)
and now my craft just serve me papers like i got subpoenaed (haha)
yeah, i mean this sh_t is like i got subpoenaed
i stayed down, sh_t was ugly ’til it got conceited, n_gga (know that)

[outro: conway the machine]
yeah, you know what it is, n_gga
you know i mean? this drumwork sh_t, n_gga
this just the beginning, though
it’s the beginning of your f_ckin’ ending, though, n_gga
all y’all n_ggas, n_gga
real lyricism is back
jae skeese, machine, the separation
thank you for doubtin’ us, n_gga
thank you for doubtin’ us
keep that same energy
keep your congratulations
we makin’ history, though, n_gga, machine
drumwork, b_tch, it ’bout to be a beautiful year
beautiful decade, n_gga, haha
yeah, it’s just the process
trust the process, n_gga, yeah