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connie francis - swanee lyrics


i’ve been away from you a long time
i never thought i’d missed you so
somehow i feel
you love is real
near you i long to be

the birds are singin’, it is song time
the banjos strummin’ soft and low
i know that you
yearn for me too
swanee ! you’re calling me !

swanee !
how i love you, how i love !
my dear ol’ swanee
i’d give the world to be
among the folks in
d-i-x-i-e-ven no[w]my mammy’s
waiting for me
praying for me
down by the swanee
the folks up north will see me no more
when i go to the swanee sh-r- !

swanee, swanee, i am coming back to swanee !
mammy, mammy, i love the old folks at home !

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