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colton chodel – i’m mentally tough كلمات اغاني


yeah im mentally tough
why you calling my bluff
yeah its wack
but im back
and im ready why you tryna say some
you dont know me b_tch yeah you f_cking dumb
i got bullied a lot and it took a toll
my family life was sh_t but now im on a roll
f_ck off of me with that weak sh_t
all the drugs thats that geek sh_t
messing with me again you won’t see sh_t
but i see it through
yeah you dont know me but you wish you knew
clout chasers all on me for the green but they only see blue
yeah its black and blue you dont know what to do
runnin and ducking while im knuckin and buckin
your f_cking b_tch is leaving you in ditches
yeah you think im sad but think again b_tch
you just mad
but at the end of the day
im glad burned two birds with one stone
b_tch im about to take the mother f_cking throne