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cobra starship – you belong to me كلمات اغاني


“you belong to me”

and i, i know, even if your hope is gone
you belong, you belong to me, to me.
i’m coming home and i know it won’t be long
before you belong, you belong to me.

i’m building a castle
on the beaches where the ocean’s
turtles come and rest under the sun

you bury your head in the sand,
waiting for your boy to understand
haw to be a man ’cause love is not enough.

i’ve combed the ocean floors
for the dreams that we lost
the fears that we buried
the world just feels so small
i leave it all behind because…


i don’t even know how i let you run so far,
but i’ll run after you until your legs give up.
and i’ll carry you all the way home,
back where we belong.
you’ve given up but i’ve still got enough hope for us.

in the desert glow
i saw a man without any clothes and his heart in his hands
he said “all you need to know is: never let go”
never let go


don’t turn away just show me your face again,
’cause i’m starting to forget
i can’t live with this regret.
the time will come when we will find our place again.
into my arms back where you belong,
into my arms back where you belong again.


i’m coming home and i know it won’t be long,
before you belong…
you belong to me.

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