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clawwastaken – twitch كلمات اغاني


[verse 1]
has it been long enough i don’t even know
maybe i should just ask zach digital
making a petition and asking you to sign
saving up my cash cause i’m subbin with prime

koaster and sordi just keep dropping hits
and scarycheese is losing weight while gaining all the bits
rajj team is missing, but the dating shows are not
deathly, innocent, mercy, and kyootbot
watchin from the sidelines, wishing i could be free
breakin no more guidelines, getting unbanned briefly
is this how it ends? cause i’m trying to be real
they won’t even respond to my f_ckin appeal

one manic episode shouldn’t have еrased
clawontwitch’s legacy, what a fall from grace
always thought i had a chancе if they cleaned house
but if not then i have something else to announce

this is my last call, this is my encore
share this song with the world if you ever want more
innovative streams and breakin the whole meta
but if not that’s okay this is not a vendetta

all i’m really asking is for them to give a fair shot
let me tell you what’s real, let me tell you what’s not
look at hyphonix, barry, and axiun
am i really as bad as ice poseidon?

i’m askin for an interview, not to be unbanned
cause if you heard me out then i’d think you’d understand
it’s already been two years, what more can i do?
living out my worst fears, but i’ll say to you

that i…really miss ya…
wonderin how you have been
cause i…really wish that…
i could just go live again
i…never realized…
just how much i needed you
i…tried to disguise…
all the things that i went through

[verse 2]
make twitch great again
this is not the end
gonna go live and
hang out with my friends

bringing back love or host, bringing back the masked shows
bringing back the royale, coming from the shadows
rising like a d_mn ghost, moving to the east coast
comin back on twitch so we gotta say another toast

so if you’re coming with me then you better put your hands up
taking over just chatting, messing all their plans up
all the eyes are on me so you better get inside
promising that this is gonna be a f_ckin ride

feelin like a nightmare, knowing that we’re right there
gotta be quite rare, being on a site where
the entire theme is, going to extremes and
having low esteem cause they are just a dream stan
i can make it better, think that i could do it right
we can make a change cause we’re putting up a fight
use this as your intro, make it your goodbye song
cause lyrics are below if you wanna sing along

all i’m really asking for is a second chance
but if that’s gonna fail then at least we’ll get to dance

this is my appeal