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civic the rapper – cigarettes كلمات اغاني


i need a cure for the hate and disease
that these people around me be spreading
you keep on k!lling the room for discussion
and i think it’s honestly f_cking pathetic
i’ll destroy all of my enemies
i got like twenty three i’m making all of them sweating
but f_ck it they dead to me they had no clue
where the f_ck i was headed
i’ll quit smoking weed
i’m real sick of that lettuce
so sick of that sh_t that they giving me
don’t know what the f_cks gotten into me
it’s nothing too fire admittedly
while all you desires diminishing
this sh_t is tiring misery
you think i’m wrong
bro you got to be kidding me
i’ll keep evolving inside of this industry
you keep on falling and watching the imagery uh

you don’t have no patience amazing
how that sh_t goes
and now everyday you’re facing
and chasing a bunch of goals
somehow everything’s a waste at this pace
you lose all control
smoking up a f_cking eighth and erase
everything i know uh

so i can come back with a line that is stronger
these people so trash so i don’t even bother
should keep me detached
so i won’t go and slaughter
like all of your friends
while they drowning in water
they think that i cheat with this rap
no cap i am no modder
you keep on acting like
i could go harder
so i go as hard as i can to show all of you rappers are smaller
like ain’t that sh_t baller
ain’t that sh_t so f_cking gross
yeah that sh_t disgust
all you do is inhale smoke
until your sh_t is dust
not to mention you do coke
yeah you f_cking must
you keep fingering your nose
like the sh_t had crust
where’s your trust
it’s just l_st
with this f_cking b_tch
couple years i won’t doubt you’ll have a couple kids
in a drought make you shout like you f_cking sick
all you want is clout
put you out
like a f_cking cig