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christon gray – innuendo كلمات اغاني


i have some problems
n-body seem to solve them
still looking for answers
ready to take this chance
they don’t love you, yeah

they don’t know what i’ve been through
they don’t know what i did
i see ’em looking through my window
but i won’t let ’em in, baby
they don’t know what they in for
but they will soon enough
and when they get the innuendo
it’ll be too late to run

say oh

she said, “don’t bring me problems
’cause i never said i’d solve ’em
and when you found the answer
you said that to save this dance for me”

now any other girl’s a rip-off
just let ’em blow in the wind
you put it on me like menthol
got my body trembling, baby
there’s no change in the tempo
there’s no disturbing the crew
this one ain’t no innuendo
i just love the way you move, baby

baby, oh

there ain’t no