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choppa ebk – response كلمات اغاني


like, choppa, the top one, n_gga
like, baby demon, n_gga

i gave props to lil’ edot, but them n_ggas shot
they smoking on diddy, we smoking on dot
and if n_ggas ask, we smoke him alot
he dead in the dirt, let him rot
who gon do what, not on this block
n_ggas panick, when they run into chop
i get crashed out while waving the knock
why they troll on the net, n_ggas b_tch made
can’t wait till i see lil’ sensei
don’t got the, aight bet, switch blade
on a drill, no emotion, like wednesday
bullets is scr_ping his head, like a temp fade
posted his location, oh that’s where his b_tch stays
comе and collect, like it’s rent day
his brothеr died on a train trynna get fade
i don’t gotta regret
i did what i did, i don’t gotta respect
roy got poked, i’m tapping my neck
he started wheezing, loosing his breath
it’s that season, i’ma devil i move like “the dekan”
what the f_ck? i started tweaking
i just spray, if they give me a reason
pull ya mask down we trynna leave em
like, bro trynna flock for the peda
bring a mop, we trynna clean em
like, no we don’t f_ck with no sweepers
i smoke opps, i’ma steamer
i put a 4 in a liter
only thing that’s controlling my fever
they told me slow down, i gotta sped up
she wanna chill, but she gotta eat up
now let’s pick up the pace
that interview was three months ago, it’s no longer the case
them n_ggas, they better be safe
like, why would they come with they face
i don’t know, but i guarantee that was not bait
watch how we get em we _
like, he know how we get em, we blitz through 8th
he tried to run, it’s too late
no one can save him, i’m choosing his fate
hop out, now it’s time to play chase
he don’t get a pass, i can’t let him escape
know a n_gga got tagged, but i can’t relate
why? cause i keep g on my waist
i climb in the charts but some n_ggas hate
when n_ggas eat, and save me a plate
get back in that mode
them n_ggas cap, ain’t did sh_t for bro
only god knows, ten toes down, 2 feet down, still in my toes
go to that jam, make him bring him folks
ask around, how i get with the pole
hit from the back, make her throw up my o

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