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​chingsta – ​wigging كلمات اغاني


grah, grah, grah, grah, boom
ok benshi i see you
ayo we posted…

ayo we posted on the blocky
we been tryna get the money
popo tapped into my nokia
gotta use walkie talkies
think you tuff, but you just funny
big ass shotty, she my shawty
leave a hole in you no shotty
big baller, been stephen curry

[verse: 1]
imma, molly wop em’
i’ve been locked in, f_ck the competition
there ain’t no talking, i know my options
choose the right decisions, how you gon’ pop em?
what you toting?, typa ammunition?
i love my dollars, hyper focused
tryna stay persistent, been smoking loud
it’s rolling, sip the potion
got achievements, oh you got motion?
i call bogus, boy you just the assistant
she act all fridget, til i fidget
now she feeling different, she love me l!cking
but hate me l!cking, what definition?
switching the way you talking
the way you walking, bro got did
lotta people don’t fw me
gotta keep eyes behind me
baby face chigga, tryna sip on henny
f_ck i left id, do em’ like im suge
im shooting tee’s, gon’ leave him hiv
i’m pushing p, i’m rolling 60 deep
i got 4 bros, 56 magazines
i won’t lie this just me sh_t talking
i’m straight outta syd
still a project baby, 210
h_lla sh_t that we seen

[verse: 2]
smack him in his sh_t no iget, bro got headspinned
been broke for too much time
it’s mandatory to get the bread in
i might have issues, want someone to test me
waiting on a break in, higher power really f_cked up
get the bag then dip to bhutan
i been stuck up in my mata
yo i gotta make some renovations, relevation
reach the top, gon’ make some guap
before i make my revelation, h_lla asian
if you want problems, you gon’ solve it?
cause i know my equations, f_ck the innovation
i’m the sh_t the world just constipated
choppa blow you like ang, choppa blow you like f_gs
make you my little b_tch, like how eddie did the mic stand
i can’t even fight, but i love fighting
hit you with a right hand, finna fill up my bag
nah it’s like that, “yo how you feeling?”
i’m feeling different, where you get this weed?
i’m on some new existence, no cap i’m tripping
i think i’m greening, f_cking wigging
“yo chill the f_ck out bro
you on a song been spitting rhythms
tryna get the people listening”
oh sh_t

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