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childish gambino – bitch, look at me now (two weeks) كلمات اغاني


“b-tch, look at me now (two weeks)”

[verse 1: childish gambino]
i do not, i do not, i am just, i am just a rapper
sick boy make moves like a chess piece
and that move real quick like nestle
let me make it clear for a second like pepsi
i was never worried bout my wallet being empty
cause when it was empty, i was still happy
walkin’ with my walkman, freestyle rappin’
high school bullies like what the f-ck happened
n-gg- off the hook like i f-ckin’ shot the captain
and this supposed to be relaxin’, rappin’ is my hobby
i did this in my bedroom where i separate my laundry
watchin’ old episodes of shining time station
you are now listening to my mouth on vacation (ation)
why you doing this, what’s your motivation?
i am just a rapper, i don’t need the paper
no will smith went off without a hitch man
c-h-i-l-d it’s the ish man
do sixteen bars no wristband
i’ll always be childish, call me maggie simpson
run the track like my tongue’s an olympian
i’ve always been this good, you just weren’t listening

[verse 2: childish gambino]
i’m a try to make my street cred stack up
i mean i’m rapping over grizzy bear, what the f-ck
gather swagger up, before i take it all
you started rapping when you wasn’t good at basketball
i started rapping cause i f-cking need some adderall
i can’t do one thing, i’m just too good
i can’t do one thing, i am tiger woods
i make you ipod hotter than a lighter would
picture me in sixth grade, overweight, overbite
got my fake adidas on, whiting out the fourth stripe
kid named vincent got it out for me, i hate that guy
frodo from chicago, really small and shy
you better recognize, cause i’m no better now
cause i was always sick, my life’s a hospital
and that’s some funny sh-t, that t-rd is apatow
that female dog is blind, well b-tch look at me now!
i’m wearing tight jeans, and n-body’s laughing
more p-ssy than recycled sanitary napkins
b-tch sitting shotgun in my tracy chapman
i did exactly what you n-gg-s said would never happen
i’m doing me so big i can hardly walk
these rappers need er like they’re charlie park
stay hard like my suit made by tony stark
this kinda music make your b-lls drop, d-ck clark
yes i’m grown and s-xy, and i’m worth the wait
girls act like i’m the only dude on earth to date
put these words on your head and let them percolate
we need to separate church and state
i used to have to pay for gas in my momma’s saturn
and now i’m paying for a mortgage as a working actor
if living my life is what you say you’re chasing after
n-gg- stop talking sh-t and just be a rapper (be a rapper)

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