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chandeen – a dream within a dream كلمات اغاني


take this kiss upon the brow!
and,in parting from you now
thus much let me avow
you are not wrong who deem
that my days have been a dream
yet if hope has flown away
in a night,or in a day
in a vision,or in none
is it therefore the less gone?
all that we see or seen
is but a dream within a dream
i stand amid the roar
of a surf-tormented sh0r-
and i hold within my hand
grains of the golden sand
how few!yet how they creep
through my fingers to the deep
while i weep-while i weep!
o god!can i not grasp
them with a tighter clasp?
o god!can i not save
one from the pitiless wave?
is all that we see or seem
bu a dream within a dream?