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chacky yen – what the hell is going on? كلمات اغاني


[verse 1]
you’re that venom
that i regret letting enter
into my bloodstream
my mind sp_ce, and i trace
my dna did it change cause of the havoc
oh my god, what that f_cking mess was
and i tried to find the wreckage
but you know what i found, i found my lovely life again
a brain again, to train again
to gain the expertise and knowledge
time again to teach me a lesson
that if i’m less than what i was
with that one
that i thought was the one
then the one is just a f_cking c_nt
trying to f_ck your life up
with another d_ck
to spice their life up
cause apparently
every person need
someone to love
shut the f_ck up
like i didn’t know that?
and if someone can be more than one
and you can call me a dog for that
so can you be a wh0re for ones
what the h_ll is going on
people loving, sleeping
with no commitment or reasons
i don’t understand
the culture of benefits having platonic relationships
the culture of feminists having abusive relationships
the culture of faking it for the sake of ranking it up
the ladder of what?
i don’t know, i just know that we’re being overtly s_xual sensual
needlessly_expressive_for_no_reason, losing the very vision
and i don’t know what to envision for what’s coming next
peace, i need a rest

[verse 2]
momentarily, let me accept it as a reality
i see a cult of a youth confused
in this mixture of ideas and truth
total absence of sense
new trend of influence
by instagram models and entrepreneurs
look as s_xy as possible, act like a wh0re
cultivate a h_rny audience ready to scroll
down your profile
and get millions of followers in a row
but for what?
to show your life
and sell products to buy?
to be a salesman and feel proud?
and school is suddenly a waste now?
not cool to study acid and base now?
why didn’t they teach taxes in the third grade now?
great questions youth
now get the f_ck out of my face now
where is it coming from?
what subreddit you’re getting education from?
even instagram uses more ram
than you brain’s you’re running on
what the f_ck you want to be? a tiktok star?
where wannabe actors come
and waste the humanity’s time
where life comes to an end
and fantasy starts
where some reach where they want
and leave millions f_cking over their lives
you’re as guilty as you’re victims at the same time
because you’re giving your attention
and letting them thrive
so just pull it back
and let them f_cking die