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cella dwellas – underground prelude كلمات اغاني


cella dwellas _ “underground prelude”
[emcee(s): u.g.]
[producer(s): [?]]

[intro: u.g.]
a lot of n_ggas don’t know i can’t wait for the cella dwellas album to drop so we can bang these kids in the heat

[verse: u.g.]
yo, yo, whens
guns cl!ck, n_ggas run quick, in a hurry
slugs hit your mug and put a hole through your skully
i leave you headless like the horseman of sleepy hallow
u.g. def and “bring the pain” like meth
def jams i spit out like russell simmons
mad women wear tommy hil’—f_ck the linen
me and my man phan’ roll in passports, land in
airports and hit all the fattest resorts
all sorts of chicks from new york to jamaica
try to fake a wrong move, and i’ll bake ya

[outro: u.g.]
know’m saying? got sh_t on smash. that dude