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cardi b – bodak yellow* كلمات اغاني


[full lyrics available upon release of the song]

now, little b-tch, you can’t f-ck with me
if you wanted to
these expensive, these is red bottoms
these is bl–dy shoes
at the store i can get them both
i don’t wanna choose
and i’m quick, got a n-gg- hustle
don’t get comfortable
look, i don’t gotta ask now
i make money moves
hey, say i don’t gotta dance
i make money move
if i see you and i don’t speak
that means i don’t f-ck with you
and i boss [?] b-tch
i make bl–dy moves

[verse 1]
now she said she gon’ do what i do
let’s find [?], cardi b
you know where i’m at
you know where i be
you in the club just to party
i’m there, i get paid a fee
i be in [?] so much
i know they’re tired of me
honestly, don’t give a f-ck
’bout who ain’t fond of me
dropped two mixtapes in six months
what b-tch working as hard as me?
i don’t bother with these hoes
don’t let these hoes bother me
they see pictures, they say goals
b-tch, i’m who they tryna be
look, i might just chill with some babes
i might just chill with your boo
i might just spill [?]
my p-ssy feel like a lake
he wanna swim on his face, i’m like okay
i’ll let him do what he want
he buy me yves saint laurent
and then you whip
when i go fast as a horse
i got the trunk [?]
i’m the hottest in the street
know you pro’ly heard of me
got a [?] fix my teeth
hope you hoes know it ain’t cheap
and i pay my mama bills
i ain’t got no time to chill
thank these hoes be mad at me
they [?]


[verse 2]