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caloe – urgent كلمات اغاني


[verse 1]
i will navigate to the fame
and won’t forget to tune in to the fortune
i’ve got some notoriety like it’s notre dame
suicide stirs in my brain where’s kevorkian
oh you’re trying to insult me
i’ll grab the pepper and shake it that’s the seasoning
f-ck a bed where’s a couch like timothy
i’ll just let you talk sh-t like simmons’ tree
i’ll make her consume my d-ck then make her c-m soon
and i am homemade like mom’s soup
now take a breath before it is your last one
caress the beat, p-ssion
forever will definitely be misunderstood
but that is just the burden that i carry like miss underwood
but never will change my mind, that’s why it’s dirty
her cl-ss is sick, vintage, vinny testaverde

take off take off take off
bursting through the clouds burning like bernie madoff
through my speech i will get so rich
now life is rocking with no creak and never more will be sucking like a leech

[verse 2]
am i too fresh just because i love the taste of mint
i am in the building, stupid f-ck i’m in the bas-m-nt
and i locked the door, and i can’t get out
just wondering? am i snow because i’m plowed?
and am i allowed to be what i want to be?
or did nas lie to me?
i’m p-ssed off i like my ginger ale with those biscoff
i love my girl giving me brain like the scarecrow she told me that was the last straw
haha, and now i’m laughing because i’m actually happy with the absentmindedness i’m sticking to it like a pine cone
and i love you guys but f-ck jay-z and kanye, this is my throne
so watch it i’m botching everything that gets handed to me, i’m tony romo
and this isn’t an album it actually is a promo
oh yeah you think i’m goofy slash silly
it’s okay i’ll make you eat your words when i’m making a million


[verse 3]
clear my throat, she wrote, a murder
i’m going to f-ck a lesbian but i don’t think i’m going to convert her
man i act like a maniac sometimes
i don’t need a middle finger to say, f-ck compliance
but i don’t think i’m dangerous, but he might
oh you think i’m a p-ssy, well this is where i draw the feline
i had this girl i really cared about her name is kara i said is there a way i could
get a date or a number that i could dial late
because you opened my eyes to what beauty truly was i didn’t hallucinate
no this is not fate but i’m ever so grateful that walked into my life
you made me communicate
and now i’m bound to have success, probably a prodigy
without having anybody who is proud of me
listened to radicals and now i’m f-cking radical
and i’m about to be somewhere else i’ve got a lyrical catapult