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cadavalanche – ultrambviolent كلمات اغاني


sons and daughters past
cold without the gaze of light
crank the spite machine
phials of blight in ultraviolet

stain with crimson red insides
future agony
flaking away the layers of the mind

the end, the message of mercury beyond
singing the bad tale
of the sad, the broken, the one and the all
all die

unavoidable. ground to death among the flames
to live in hope for more, is seeing statues burn and fall in vain
unintrinsical. no encore. no return
onward ever towards

denial, regret, cannibal sunset
eat me from the inside
f_ck me dead
anger, bartering
make it feel, less intense
once more, once more, once more
f_ck me dead
fill my heart with soil, with sh_te
let me sing forever of love for war
let me feel what its like to die for all
for life is droll, and death is forever

eat me from the inside
f_ck me dead
anti_coiling, infinitely
in sp_ce

but ho, there is only finite mortality
wasted on spiraling in fruitless torment
fading piece by piece
slowly collapse over decades
there is only acceptance
the curtains of void only draw
all die