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bandana split – outro كلمات اغاني

[verse 1]
none of us ever be perfect
but, all of us try to be worth it
and, hating do nothing but hurt us
make me nervous, all the problems i’m having can surface
crazy world that we live in today
we like the cube of the shapes
trying to find where we place
i got some stuff i’m trying to get off my brain
let me take you away

god d-mn that’s a mother f-cker
i had you fooled, you just another sucker
when god is my enemy
only way you can see how hot i’m finna be
banging your simmity sam

[verse 2]
saw us chilling in infinity pools
breaking some records they used to hold
still the same n-gg- you used know
“brian you changing”, is that what they saying?
that’s bullsh-t bro
still be the same, after the fame
and all of the money that came
along with the b-tches who doing the same
n-gg-s is lames, hating on you
still want to party down south the border
only fear in this life is waking up in the morning
blacked out last night, sh-t got way to hype
put it on ice
sl-tty, but she put it on ice
n-gg- that’s my type


/ bandana split