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bye-product – jazz (breakmaster cylinder remix) كلمات اغاني


jazz is made possible by the national endowment for the arts, the baldwin piano company, [?] books and music, the fans of jazz and npr

statue of liberty
the party begins to move downstairs now, unto the street, and everybody is playing bongos and guitars and a cop on horseback comes up to me and he puts his arm around me. he says to me: “are you one of those draft card burners?” and i say: “no, i’m not. i never registered.” you know what a little girl feeds what looks like a cube of sugar to the policeman’s horse?
the horse showed up at a sit_in in georgia
now i decidе to strike. i get my date and i jam hеr in my hertz. i have a rented car, which is a flat rate, 12 cents a mile, in an effort to cut down on the mileage charge, i back up every place
so i’m backing over the george washington bridge. and a cop stops me and he says: “let me see your driver’s licence.” i’m not gonna let him, y’know, and i say: “i can’t hear you officer.” he leans his head into the car and i give him a big wet kiss
he took his knight stick and i don’t know how to explain this to you…

can you pi_

that’s beautiful, thank you

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