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buck 65 – mono no aware كلمات اغاني


bam! rocking with a brass band
out in the badlands with sissy sp_cek
sh_tty paycheck. play me in a shifty tape deck?
man, that rubs me the wrong way like gritty latex
i break necks like epmd. you pay a premium fee
i’m finely tuned at 92 bpm speed
deviant breed. rhyming since saying them began, yo
moving my hand like i’m playing the piano
the mystic declared: listen = this whole horrific affair can only fail
holy grail. specific and rare
art carcass. a maladaptive form of catharsis and it’s
usually driven by nihilistic despair
bass _ goes deep down. in other words, profoundly
regal. i’m a giant eagle with fire all around me
i’ve got a mountain for a face. you found my flaw
but i’m nice on thе mic and i’m down by law

useless promises arе leaving people panic_stricken
ruthless like rufus thomas doing the organic chicken
what? i’m sending out the hip hop distress call:
yes. yes. y’all
come on! i’m rockin’. from new york to washington state
and i’m smashing every fastball that crossing the plate lately
i’m watching my weight. breaking. evicted the bums like a
landlord on the dance floor. addicted to drums
hurry up. i’m surly/gruff. you’re softer than a curly puff
fan of metallica but you don’t like their early stuff
surely you jest. the excess is so gross to me
i’m not always enraged by the things i’m supposed to be
i’m not an alpha male. more like an alfalfa male
little rascal. official radical. i shall prevail
hallelujah. the doors close. skipping the awards show
i got another break for ya after the h_rns blow
criminal mastermind. my job’s robbing the b_st_rds blind
broken back. fractured spine. some say, “you’re past your prime!”
forecasting disaster time. i’m the lyricist
conspiracy. theorist. mysterious. pioneering fearlessness
serious b_boy fanatic destroying toys with mathematics
behold: the glare of golden era rap classics
banging. with the hammer of thor, i pound away thoroughly
housing. 5000. i’ll see you folks around the way

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