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boys of the lough – the rose of ardee كلمات اغاني


when first to this country a stranger i came
i placed my affections on a comely young dame
she being neat, tall, and handsome in every degree
she was the flower of this country, the rose of ardee

my curse i will give unto any young man
that will place his affections too much upon one
for she’ll sit and drink with you till your money’s all gone
then she’ll go and she’ll leave you for some other young man

i will go join the army for a month, two, or three
in search of pretty fair maids that i might chance for to see
still hopin’ hereafter i might find one in time
that will drive you, lovely nancy, right out of my mind

when i get my week’s pay, to the crossroads i’ll go
where with fiddle and with flute i’ll forget my sad woe
i will call for strong liquor, and here’s what i’ll say
my curse on you, lovely nancy, you have led me astray

from belfast to bangor, to the midlands i’ll go
from carlow to mallow, where the blackwaters flow
i will go unto kerry where my mind might be free
and forget you, lovely nancy, you’re the rose of ardee

كلمات أغنية عشوائية

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