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bowling for soup – here’s your freakin’ song كلمات اغاني


“here’s your freakin’ song”

baby, for years you’ve been saying “why don’t you write me a song?”
and i’m like “i don’t know, i’m not inspired to write you a song.
but last night, i decided i’m gonna freakin’ do this”

we’ve been together for so long
and you always asked me why i never wrote a song
all about you, about our love,
and about how you’re the only one i’m thinking of.

i’ve been writing all night.
and i.
i got it just right!
here we go!

you talk too much
you never shut up
everything i do for you is never enough
you snore, you drool,
you talk in your sleep
won’t get a night’s rest until you’re six feet deep
i promised you forever
but we both know,
we’re never gonna get along
you want it, you got it
here’s is your freakin’ song

and all my homies have always said,
what you doing with that girl? she’s f-cked up in the head
my mom don’t like you, my dad don’t too.
and my brother says you look like guy from hã¼sker dã¼

i’m just keeping it real, this is
just how i feel
here we go


i can talk and you get p-ssed
used to dream i don’t exist
i say yes, and you say no
like any b-tch, you gotta’ go
with all the sh-t that we’ve been through,
this is the best that i can do
can i still get lucky tonight?

those are manners and everything,
i uh, i hope you like this song,
i spent a lot of time on it,
but i’ve spent…oh there’s erik
i’m just playing
i didn’t really spend a lot of time on it.
this is the chorus


you want it you got it
here’s is your freaking song

ok i don’t know why this is still going
i antic-p-ted this being…3 minutes long
it’s still going here, i don’t even know what’s happening
anyway that’s this song i wrote for you..and uh
ok. evidently it’s over now. i don’t know
i have no idea on the timing of it and uh
boy this is sort of an awkward moment here
i uh
i’m going to be honest, i have to pee