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bones – team sesh presents gohardhuh? part 2 كلمات اغاني


i gotta pee..”

[verse 1 : featuring]
high as f_cking sh_t
outta control, outta it
ounce and a half going to your grandma’
still rollin’ trash stuff and [?]
music blast, we get stupid
tobacco and ash
please allow me to do this
then go and get stranded
where all the planes is landin’
pass it till they can’t hit
smoke weed get naked

then i gotta take ya
to a place that i can’t take ya

wake up get faded
go to work still faded
come home get faded
go to sleep still faded
wake up get faded
go to work still faded
come home get faded
go to sleep faded
wake up get faded

smoke weed, end up naked

“hey man, huh, does that go hard?
hard, hey man, it need to go haard”

th@kid : “yeah this is second take i’ll admit it, f_ck off, sue me! c_cksucker !”
“i f_ckin’ ran out of breath”

[verse 2 : th@kid]
used to cut class and gut blunts
never gave a f_ck ’cause i’m f_ckless
now i’m burnin’ weed and bumbin’ glasses
you can say that i’m toasted, i’m toastin’
to the team success
ain’t even been a year and the kid’s the best
i’m seventeen, you thirty somethin’
numbers don’t lie now tell me something
what’s the real reason i ain’t blown up yet ?
am i not basic enough
for you peasants to understand
i’m the man, i’m the many
you can never tell me different
i’m so different from the di_fe_rent
the difference is i kick it
all these raps that i rap ain’t inspired by the present
this is 1997, f_ckin’ no limit records
i’m so ’bout it, ’bout it
i know my parents gonna hate this
“huhhu what’s up mom
hey dad ! danny !