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bobby and eddie – the assassination of president kennedy كلمات اغاني


[spoken intro]
this is a true story of the assassination of the thirty_fifth president of the united states, john fitzgerald kennedy

[verse 1]
on november twenty_second, the year was sixty_three
a man gave his life while serving you and me
the leader of our nation whose name stood so proud
was shot down in dallas, now the nation’s head is bowed

[verse 2]
he was appearing in dallas before an anxious crowd
they greeted him with love and they cheered him aloud
but somewhere in a building not vеry far away
the k!ller fired thе fatal shot that took his life away

[verse 3]
they rushed him to a hospital that was very near
the whole world prayed him while their minds gathered tears
in just a matter of moments the doctor kindly said
“we can’t help him anymore, our president is dead.”

[verse 4]
the whole world they mourned him, they pitied his poor wife
we can’t forget the things he’s done before losing his life
our thirty_fifth president, a man so brave and true
although you’re gone, although you’re gone, we’ll always remember you

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