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bluezy – lonely world كلمات اغاني


[chorus: bluezy]
feel pain
even if i try
above this rain
i can’t f-cking cry
i’m turning insane
asking when i’ll die
heavy fill sustain you don’t wanna see me fly
its a lonely world (it’s a lonely world)
its a lonely world (it’s a lonely world)
its a lonely world (it’s a lonely world)
its a lonely
its a lonely

[verse 1: bluezy]
needing to escape
these thoughts inside my brain
am i really insane
she left she said that i’m the blame
i’m a f-cking state
blow my head and leave the stains
save me from this pain
i don’t wanna feel so drained
black ripped jeans
i’m listening to peep
i can’t f-cking eat
and i can’t f-cking sleep
vomit on my tee
she doesn’t know me
why the f-ck can’t you see
you should look closely
you should look closely
i’m not the one you see
i’m not the one you see

[verse 2: simsky]
these times
left in desperation
clinging to our castle walls feeling f-cking wasted
i know i think too much dreaming if your touch
i know its not the drugs making me feel numb
you fell in my arms i was blinded
my time spent in the dark, and you were shining
all i wanna do is go back to those times but
i know i’m faking now we just f-cking breaking down