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blrry – fallin’ كلمات اغاني


you told me that
you would never leave
i’ve been tryna forget you
like how the f_ck you
already forgot me?
(how the f_ck you already forgot me)

i came over to see
you go out
i feel lost
when you’re not around

why you told me
that you loved me?
feelings they come and don’t go away
but that’s what you did

i came over to see
you go out
how you feel
when i’m not around?

and i
still think ’bout you and i
on how you didn’t even tried
when i used to call you mine
but now
you still calling my phone
but i don’t answer
(i don’t want to)
’cause you knew i’d have picked up the phone
and i don’t deserve you
(no, no, no, stop)

there’s a couple things that
i need to know
(that i need to know)
why you f_cked up all of this
but still hitting up
right on my phone
you said we not meant to be
you say that ‘cuh you know
that i don’t deserve you
and all the pain that you put me through

how could i forget you?
after everything you did
i’m still into you
(i’m still)
and i still think about we
dancing in the floor
when the stars
were falling for you
and i’ve been falling for you
since the night we met
we have been so connected
and i don’t understand
what could be wrong
but i can’t be stuck
on someone who don’t
give a f_ck on how

i feel
can’t be moving on
’cause i still
falling on the hill
and the only thing
i could see is
your eyes


اهم الاغاني لهذا الاسبوع


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