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bloody! (taisiegel) – wakeup كلمات اغاني



pull up on em
make em hit a relay
f_ckin on ma b_tch
yeah we be doin all that foreplay
park a n____ sh_t and have em sittin at the crossway
do a n____ greasy, do his ass in the worst way
[?] in harmony, meet ya mans at the crossroads
i been on my own just chillin at the crossroads
dis b_tch did me wrong so it got me feelin heartless
makin all these songs n im goin up regardless

dont got no money in his pockets
he starvin like marvin
dont try to press me
its bl__dy! who u guardin
she wanna have s_x, plant my seed in her garden
runnin up these checks got me feelin like im
i feel like a popstar when i pop out (huh)
treat hеr like a thot we can not pop out
see what i am, you are not [?]
shе gave me that p_ssy n im stretchin her out

i connect with her mouth like its bluetooth
i love my b_tch so much, she givin me that ouu ouu
post up on the block wit the dealers and the users
make em milly rock when i aim and i boom em
dis b_tch on my d_ck said she seen me at l_st hill
stickin to the za, n____, ion really trust pills
beat him till he die, feel like he ain’t get enough still
f_ck her for a hour straight, i still ain’t bust still
he thinkin sh_t sweet? okay play like dat
i know some n____s walk you down for a quick buck
i know some n____s that’ll wake up ya neighborhood
i know some n____s that be throwin up the neighborhood
i know this b_tch and she f_ckin the whole neighborhood
she wanna stay with me, and she wanna stay for good
tell that b_tch, “phone home, get ya ass on”
soulja boy sh_t
i just turned my swag on

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