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bliss5 – it will b ok كلمات اغاني


i been on my own
i can’t fw that lil boy i kno dat boy a clone
i can’t fw that lil ho i told her leave me lone
i jus smoke dat za and now i cannot feel my bones
yea i protect my heart protect my soul
walk around designer kicks i got expensive soles
i just wana kno when will i be whole
i been moving slow if u want me let me kno

all i do is real i cannot fake it
know they bout to fake it for that placement
wit my bro we lifting like a sp_ceship
try to follow me but u can’t trace it
walking from the mud i feel dead now
i can’t even feel its my head now
i just wana see how this could pan out
i been walking around im like the man now

im jus tryna stay away from hatrеd
everyday it feels like they jus fakе it
boy yo swag not real that sh_t is make shift
yea this silver on me this sh_t stainless
everyday i wake up i feel painless
swerving thru the street while the rain drip
metal on my wrist i let my veins rip
can u tell me its ok and that i’ll make it? (ahhhhhhh)

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