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blacksite – devilman كلمات اغاني


stay in school

tick-tock, tick-tock
the bell just rung, i guess i’m on the clock
get in your cluckin’ seats, n-body cluckin’ talk
pull out your cluckin’ books. get off my cluckin’ -bawk-

another line i’ve crossed. fantastic mr. fox
and i ain’t hold the key, but i could pick the lock
and i could eat the sheep, i’d rather lead the flock
i’m trying to round ‘em up, they’re baa-ing out the door

ewe ain’t find that funny, this is not your course
try 1-0-1, this is 4-0-4
where we come straight for ‘em, show ‘em no remorse, so
when they clap one back, they think they won the war, like

d-mn… i’m proud of you, fam
you conquered the king, now you rule all the land
so what’s your big plan now the crown’s in your hands?
can’t handle the weight? — then you best give it back

i’ve wanted this shish, since when you was a lamb
kebob on the beat, like i’m about to go ham
just skewer these kids in the sauce like diane
so when i say goat, you know this sh-t was planned

the king of the north, this just fell in my lap
john snow on the flow, with a knife in my back
a queen who’s pure fire, and mad in [redacted]
y’all can drag on without me, i’m taking the black

to a mountainous wall where i keep writing raps
away from the world, where my thoughts can relax
where i can know nothing, and ghost my next act
kit i wish you the best, hope you get back on track

i just swerved off the merge, now my vision’s come back
so sick of this traffic, it’s trapping my -ss
it’s b-mper-to-b-mper from kipling to ave
and i’m not getting younger, i need to move fast

so i step on the gas, as i blast off the ramp
one hand on the wheel, i’ll just leave it to chance
just praying i make it, there’s no looking back
and f-f-f-ck if it’s b-mpy… at least it’s my path

there’s too many rats, all fighting for scr-ps
all act like they made it, that keyword is act
i see ‘em on world star, just bragging they -ss
then get real quiet… consensus was trash

and that’s not a judgment, i’m just stating facts
you’re going for glory, i gave up on that
i set up my snowball, and pour out some gas
and just stand in my bathroom, just rapping my -ss

and shout out to those who gon’ riff on my raffs
i’ll take the engagement, keep taking your jabs
i’ll be in the comments, replying you back
coulda sent me a verse if you wanted feedback

and you know i’m not joking, dm me a track
i’ll point out what’s sharp, and the bars that fall flat
apple pencil you in, hit me up at my @
oh, you got too much pride, then go back to your pad

that wraps up my ad, now it’s on with the show
bout how i’m a pro, and y’all backs on the ropes
i been throwing elbows like —
that’s the name of the game, and i’m going for broke

but the ones who cast stones just arrived for the show
they stand in the sidelines, to sideline your goals
admission’ is free for these internet trolls who all
pelt you with ls, they all ding on off your phone

but the ones that hurt most are all aimed at your dome
start thinkin’ your slippin’, like soap-on-a-rope
when doubt starts to set in, conditioned by foes
like am i gonna make it? man, f-ck if i know

like you barely just got here, how you supposed to blow?
you shot for the moon, there’s a long way to go
so buckle your seatbelt, can’t reap ’til you sow
if you ain’t get creative, there’s no way you’ll grow

and that’s it
like, hit me up, send me a dm if you need feedback
don’t be above it. i’m here to help
follow me, @blacksiteone
that’s it