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black dream – generator كلمات اغاني


no one to blame for what you could have been
in this life of yours you’re scoring all the precious points
do you remember now who taught you that’s the way to be?
make your own mistakes and leave them for the world to see

between your tales and your stories there’s little room for truth
you see no way of escaping the cage you’ve built up for yourself
beneath the sheets of confusion lies the man that time forgot
between your silly confessions there’s little room for god

years go by _ scenеs in someone elsе’s play
everyone is lost, but some will make it out alive
you are lacing up your boots _ soles of broken flowers and dirty grime
color postcards of hope are turning yellow_gray with time

between your wife and your girlfriend there’s little room for mom
and you are still running forward leaving childhood dreams behind
sometimes you hear the laughter or tears pouring from above
between your s_x and your money there’s little room for love

اهم الاغاني لهذا الاسبوع


كلمات أغنية عشوائية