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bino rideaux – bet كلمات اغاني


(intro) exaviertv from ig

n_ggas talkin’ like they got it
n_gga i’m really heem (him)
on my momma
and n_gga that’s facts, straight up
heavy steppers and all that
big blowers and all that
n_ggas talkin ‘bout, what?
msst not heem (him), i’m heem n_gga (him)
n_ggas really talkin’ ‘bout
man i been poppin’ it

(verse) bino rideaux

it look like “oohwee”
new jay_z and roc, new face on the watch
new plays in the drop
inew b_tch that’s gon pull up park that thang on the blocc yea
fucc a body shot, we gon aim it at your noggin’
if you playing ball send a b_tch to get inside
she gon tell us what you on
you gon think that y’all was vibin
even when i’m wrong, it still feel like perfect timin’
shorty know i’m gone gone, this sh_t more than rhymin
i done lost it all, i was living like a dog
seen a million hours in the streets tryna find it
if it’s gon help me ball up, then i’m super trying it
your b_tch’ll get called up
she ain’t gone decline it
bust it down for me one time
i got to feel it before i try to dress it up in designer
feel like vroom vroom, tryna make shawty make her mind up
n_ggas boo boo, n_ggas really ain’t no grinder
(chorus) x2
bet n_ggas fake, they gon’ switch bout a checc
i’m tryin beat that lil b_tch out her necc
i’m tryin to buss my wrist down in baguettes
might buss down on your blocc leave a mess
don’t know why i’m just not like the rest
get you flew to the island on jets
i be usin’ my b_tch get upset
b_tch you losin’ it i feel like