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big mama thornton – i feel the way i feel كلمات اغاني


but i feel the way i feel
i see, the way i see
and i know all the world belongs to me
belongs to me

everything in this world
and i know my love is mine
but i feel everything
belong to me
all belongs to me

love is a precious thing
and the world got to break everything
i feel in this world, and the world belongs to me
to me

you have your eyes
i know that your eyes are down on me
but lord, i want you to have a little mercy on me
i was wrong in so many ways
and the good lord, lift me up
and got me out of my daze
he got his hands on my shoulders
got in me in every way

oh lord, i know in every way
hey i feel so, feel so good
because he got me in his hands
and the lord, he got me
and everything at his command
oh lord

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