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big boogie – ova wit كلمات اغاني


ha, phew
ayy, man (phew)
i just wanna shake the streets right fast, you heard me? (phew, phew)
you know i’m big dude, n_gga (ayy, carter z, you goin’ too crazy, phew)
glrrrd (ha, ha, hold up, ha, hold up)
ayy (phew, mm_mm), ayy (phew, mm_mm), ayy (phew), glrrrd (phew)
ayy (ha, ha), ayy (ha, ha), ayy (ha, ha, ha, ha)
see just like that, n_gga (ha, phew, phew, phew)
i just want to rock this b_tch, you heard me? sideways (phew, phew)
big dude (phew, phew, phew, phew)
talk that (talk that talk, man, i’m big boog’, glrrrd)

check this sh_t out, b_tch, i’m the n_gga that blew out of memphis (big boog’)
name one n_gga that stood on the business (ha, ha, ha), that rap that came from the trenches? (boog’)
rich young n_gga, they know how i’m coming (frrt), they know i ain’t doing no disses (duh)
swap this lamb’ all through the atlanta (skrrt), big dude not stopping for tickets (lamb’ chop)
bankroll sitting so big (phew, phew), it’s throwing me off, can’t fit in my britches (ooh)
name one n_gga red rum let touch me (name ’em), if they ain’t missing (glrrrd)
name one ex that said i can’t have back (name ’em), i can fix your vision (ooh, phew)
mlgw, glrrrd, can’t pay your light bill (ooh), we play with them switches (k!lled ’em, phew)
pop off then
f_ck all that talking, you want you a new n_gga, then go get ’em (ha, ha)
baby get dropped off then (duh)
redrum, b_tch, we ain’t jumping you in by hand
we men, get hotboxed in (uh)
if you a sour, you changed up just like a b_tch, my l, it’s my fault then (b_tch_ass)
she want to l!ck on a n_gga (uh, uh) because i’m a realionaire, come get lock jaw then (uh)
b_tch, i’m a hundred, they know how i’m thuggin’, so f_ck ’em
’cause i never crossed no men (f_ck them)
all my cars big body and growling (skrrt_skrrt_skrrt_skrrt), b_tch, i never bought no fin (wop)
stay in my lane, this sh_t ain’t the same, we banging redrum, out law men (redrum)
picked up the backend (frrt, frrt), quick just picked up a fifty ball just off a cha_cha dance (ayy)
who want the beef? i cut the meat (ha, ha)
bon appetit, glrrrd (glrrrd, phew, phew)
who got the streets? (ha, ha), i got the heat, b_tch, i’m a beast, flrrrd (flrrrd)
b_tch, i’m a gangland (gangland), we yellin’ out, “hangman” (hangman)
cmg n_ggas ain’t running from nothin’, the b_tton push before the plane land (the label, phew)
ex b_tch all in my dm (phew, phew) talking ’bout “daddy”, i need to eat him (eat him, phew, phew)
main b_tch thuggin’, ain’t doing no playing ’bout boog’ (phew, phew)
she know how to greet them (right now, ha, ha, ha)
b_tch, i’m a boss, i got an assistant to talk, i don’t got to see them (nyia p)
f_ck all my opps, they poor and they broke, thank god i didn’t have to be them (had to be them)
glrrrd, b_tch, i’m a hundred (phew), play with me in person, bet it a thunder, yeah (yeah)
pinky a onion, dress up the bad b_tch, look like a funyun, yeah (yeah)
i ain’t gon’ lie, who left me for dead, they really a dummy, yeah (yeah)
cmg n_gga, nothin’ else big business, that’s how i’m coming, yeah (yeah)
ha, ha (ha), ha (ha)
ayy (phew, phew), ayy (phew, phew)
ayy (phew, phew, mm_mm, phew, phew)
ayy (phew, phew), ayy (phew, phew, mm_mm)
ayy (phew, phew, mm_mm, phew, phew)
phew, phew (phew)
ayy (ha), ayy (mm_mm, ha, ha)
gangland, ayy (ha, glrrrd, glrrrd)
ayy (glrrrd, glrrrd), ayy
man, i’m big dude (mm_mm, mm)
yeah, gangland, land
this that gangland, land (mm_mm, mm)
this that gangland, land (mm_mm, mm)
i bang gangland, land (mm_mm, mm)

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