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biblioteca – mary jane كلمات اغاني


come along with me n’ lets escape to hong kong
it is a mystical, magical n’ fictional place;
please concentrate; now disintegrate the physical state
in order for you to comprehend, i’ve gone n’ sort out this tablet pen
n’ i’m about to pretend that i’m the perfect n’ proficient, eminem

i’m relating to mind state, grabbing a ticket to innate
we’re catching a high, accelerate n’ glide
through clouds no matter how or what heights this flight will take
i’m packing as much in another stack its enhancing
enchanting; i’m frol!cking; dancing n’ prancing!

i’m romancing with mary jane, now peter is vain n’ bane
he’s about to go f-cking insane, so i go n’ introduce him to mortine;
behind me it’s startling it starts to sing an evil scream
venom is jealous; venomous can that can k!ll spiders
cannabis can cure cancer, cannabidiol research it n’ you’ll find the answer!