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bertiebanz – eternal disorder كلمات اغاني


no rest
till i
empty out the malice in my veins
pull the covers off the feelings i detain
from the gutter where my body was unchained
wishin’ i could find the right path
lord forgive me for this last dash
burn all of the yellow brick road
let it fizzle with the souls on the coals i’m a
rotten motherf_cker with my feet in the mud
i got no seat up at the table so i’m scr_ping the crumbs they wanna
find the reason why i’m gone in the mirror but when i
step into the fog then thеy see me reappear
can’t afford to tеll you my secrets
can’t confide with y’all heathens
wreck ya life without meaning
better point a ruger forty_five at the door ‘fore i creep in

pick me out of cemetery rose i’m a
should’ve known from all the writing on the wall
by the part of me that feeds on all my flaws, could’ve
been the one to fight back but i
can’t shake what’s in the past
seems every time i try my
ladder starts to break and i’m rejected from the climb i’m
shedding this skin yuh
freeing these sins aye
leaving my home yuh
shoutout to the chemicals k!llin’ me slowly
i just wanna be a parasite yuh
latch up on a host and sink my t__th releasing venom so i
never have to worry about control
multiply and spread contagion from my growth b_tch i
run for the money
finesse for the sport
creep till the sun up
get ’em on their knees and make ’em beg for the lord i don’t
f_ck with y’all b_tch i’m fed up
switchin’ up like the weather aye
tell your boy about my setup
catch the smoke from the chrome of my beretta

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