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bertiebanz – chrome flesh كلمات اغاني


blind eye caught up in the chrome
my mind taken by the drones yeah
motor oil dripping out my nose
free me from the clones
praying to the crows to gift me wings
you don’t wanna walk like this talk like this slaved by consciousness i’m following yellow brick roads inside of my sorrow as i

detach these cables from the top of my spine
rip the barcode and let the heat decline
transfer my traits to the blank silhouette
hang my head low and press the key to resеt
get back, back, while i reboot
drink thе holy water so i wake up on a new
path, path, free me from the load
take a single breath and let the body decompose i

woke up with a .44 aiming at a logo
forming recollections that were governed by the barcode
pop another tag to pledge allegiance to the sorrow
burn this mother f_cker to the ground till there’s no hope
keep up with your magazine and
dream on with the fog of your fantasy
cling on to the things that you can believe
hide truth in the back of your mind but you can’t delete
rotten sun
gray skies
bring me to the judge
i’ve been infected with electric propaganda from the thunder
holes are burnin at my pockets from the way i numb my problems can you mace me
blind me from the hurt i can’t erase
blame me for the rogue machines that took our place yeah i
should’ve been the one to get the venom when they led me to petal of the elevated rose
should’ve been the one to see the counterfeited faith i’ve been awaiting liberators that ain’t ever gonna show
wait until the cables detach
wait until my body collapse
then you can admit i’ve been a burden with the little bit of freedom that you hide behind the cracks

malware in my chest
by the
thoughts installed i can’t eradicate
these outer plagues
gun ’em down
inner thoughts want me to fold
shut your mouth
out of breath just need to hack in the server of our
unholy disturber and press the key to restart our distorted time

اهم الاغاني لهذا الاسبوع


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