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benighted – implore the negative كلمات اغاني


implore the negative
i woke up running through that bright hallway
without being able to distinguish the end
shiny walls of organic matter
spread the sickness
forgotten p-ssenger lights
drowning, i implore the negative

spread the sickness
i hear in the distance the howling of my memories
smothered in the galloping darkness i want to run away from

they try to instill their poison in me again
contaminating the cave where the darkness lies that i don’t want to see
i cast you out of my mind
i implore the negative

cold promising hand
stray thoughts slow down
falling piece by piece
my carnal prison floats in the air
bare walls whisper indistinct words to me
stay away from reality
i forgot any reason to live
the black claws sink into the flesh, reveal the light from below
an endless fall towards a deliverance i didn’t want
even though i begged for it
i f-cking begged for it
there is no turning back

i won’t run anymore
indistinct words from invisible mouth
unspoken language sliding behind my eyes, silent and parasitic
threatening dimension through the hole
unable to make a rational choice
my lips burn as the p-ssenger smiles in the mirror
spread the sickness