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ben beal – koi pond كلمات اغاني


[verse 1]
it’s 5 am
yeah, word
mac passed left me as an orphan
power in my range, got this man might morphing
no need for endorphins, i got troves of artillery exploited
made of many colors like a koi fish
i’m sorry young beal a savant, but what the f_ck did you want?
a normal kid with a regular job?
rather cheat, steal and rob in this life of mine
if it means another song, this a life of crime
lost in a labyrinth, pendulum swinging, lazarus
the pills got me swimming like a motherf_cking lapras
i’m back and forth, sprinting to the north star
b_tch sold her soul for a bag and a sports car
back in the burbs where i overdosed twice
foaming from the mouth for that “feel more” life
same day peep died, i was on an iv
at my parents crib, where they still couldn’t find me, surprising
woah, i’m still here though, hometown hero live forever like de niro
happy friend the saddest, this feeling over lasting
i survived suicide, i must be made of plastic
something’s wrong, but i can’t say sh_t
whole world changed when that napalm hit
i said i’m fine, ima take my time
i don’t need your f_cking presence, would please give me a second
i’m still dying, but this takes time