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bearstronaut – working nights كلمات اغاني


hey, how can this be?
everything you got gets better looking
and that? you got it for free?
i’ll be savin’ up, gotta chase the money

we been out here, man
with the delicate flowers
we were out there, man
movin’ ten miles per hour

tell me, tell me how do you spell their name?
could you help me out or maybe introduce me?
oh no, please, let me explain
only ask because you always make it look so easy

we been out here, man
workin’ harder than ever
ever need another hand, man?
it would be my pleasure

it’s easy to over-complicate
how to put the pieces together
so you just keep them guessing
on how ya gonna peac-ck ya feathers

it could be the good side of a bad thing
or how long you’ve been doing it wrong
doesn’t matter what it takes
as long as you can call it your own

so when you’re walking with your head down
and nothin’ sounds right
when every flavor tastes the same
and you’re not sure what the good stuff tastes like

don’t you give them a godd-mn inch
or tell ’em how you survived
let the rhythm dictate
and it will provide
let the rhythm dictate
and it will provide
let the rhythm dictate
and it will provide

and if they ask you if you’re workin’ every day
you better tell them “yes, and i’m working every single night”

night after night after night
we’ve been working nights
we’ve been working nights