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bankk – plotting كلمات اغاني


i see you plotting n_gga (yea(
it be you and your 2 homies i be watching n_gga (i be watching(
yall even circle round my block yall be c_cky with it (yall be c_cky)
keep me an chopstick but i don’t play hockey with it (boom boom)
see i got more stripes than a zebra (yea)
she cheated on me couldn’t belive her (huh)
police they chasing i lead em (i lead em)
that girl too friendly i leave her ( i leave her)
that girl look nice i need her (i need her)
if yo pockets hungry feed em ( feed em)
in traffic with that bеam on (boom boom)
go pick yo f_cking side homie (yea)
is you gon diе or ride homie (huh)
its do or die homie (yea)
i got a few racks like 5 on me (5)
i got my f_cking 9 on me (9)
i got some chains they shine on me (shine)
we ain’t gon waste our time on him (nah)
that’s him right there jump down on him (boom)